Here is what a few of our customers have had to say:

Teresa - Mill Valley, CA (November 2014)
Wanted to add a testimonial! My Alstroemeria arrived yesterday and I want to compliment Edelweiss. I'm astonished at how big, sturdy and healthy the plants are and the packaging is genius---not only secure but can all be composted and recycled! Thanks.

Sharon - Monroe, WI (October 2014)
My order of Cyclamen arrived yesterday, Oct. 1st and they were planted yesterday. I want to thank you for the healthy plants. The corms were large, healthy with good roots and good top growth. I am very pleased and excited. The word in Wisconsin is that we are in for another hard winter. Plants are sited well so I'm hopeful. Thank you again for the prompt service and outstanding plants.

Julie - Arlington, VA (June 2014)
The Epimedium were perfectly packed, so arrived in mint condition. I've never seen plants so well packed for moisture retention. They are now in the ground and looking pretty happy. Just wanted you to know.

Bob - New Hope, PA (June 2014)
I wanted to let you know how PLEASED I am with the plants I received from you today. Everything about this purchase has been terrific, and not only will order from you again, I will also recommend you to my many gardening friends. Thank you very much.

Diana - Platte City, MO, (May 2014)
My plants arrived healthy and well packed. I planted them a few days later and one of the edelweiss already has a blossom, only about a week after planting. I appreciate the excellent service and personal contact.

Carol - Salem, OR (May 2014)
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order on Wednesday. I am very impressed with how well the plants were packed! I unwrapped them carefully and all of the little plants looked great, nice and healthy!

Kristy - WA (May 2014)
Thank you! The plants arrived in great shape and I'm hugely impressed. If there is a place for positive reviews let me know.

Lee - Taylors, SC (April 2014)
Wanted you to know my plants arrived today. They are the best looking plants I've ever ordered online. Packaging was superior and the plants were moist when they arrived. I’m very impressed and will order from you again.

Deirdre B. - Mt. Olive, MS
Received the 2 Veronica gentianoides 'Pallida' in excellent condition; well rooted, in their own pots, with wet soil. A few places will ship in pots, but the soil is always dry and the plants withered when I get them, so I am delighted with yours. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. 

Jeanne M. - Fall City, WA
I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of your plants. Above and beyond that, I have never in all my years of mail order had my plants order packed so well. Thank you!! I will be most pleased to tell others of your nursery business. 

Chris M. - Seattle, WA
The 10 Libertia peregrinans arrived yesterday in good order. They were packed well and look very healthy. Just wanted to let you know.

Paul L.
Received my order from you today and everything looked fantastic, thanks so much.

Ray P. - Brooklyn, NY
Just to let you know that this is the second time I've ordered from you this year and I am really impressed by the quality of the plants, the packaging and the prompt service. Be assured that I will be ordering from you again. 

Barbara P. - Cold Spring, NJ
I received my order from you today and was incredibly impressed by the condition in with the plants arrived. After traveling by U.S. Mail all the way across the country from Oregon to the Atlantic coast, the plants looked so amazingly robust and healthy that my husband asked if they were real. I am looking forward to planting them in my garden and will surly be a repeat customer. Thank you for your prompt and careful shipping.

Mike K.
Just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the Helleborus. They are some of the nicest Helleborus I have seen in the trade at that size. Keep up the good work!

Elena V. - Sebastopol, CA
I received Order #398 today in fabulous condition. I have been gardening for decades and I can safely say, without any fear of exaggeration, that yours are the very best plants I have ever received by mail. They all looked so wonderful that I placed another order right away. Thank you so much for being so prompt and for sending such big and healthy plants. 

Elena V. - Sebastopol, CA
Another home run! My second order arrived today in superb condition. I joined Dave's Garden last week just so that I could give you a strong recommendation in the Garden Watchdog files. You certainly deserve it.

Darrell F. - Hayden, ID
Received my plant order today...can't tell you how pleased I am. You obviously really care about your plants. They were packed with such care. Thank you,

Graham R.
Thank you so much for the parcel of plants which arrived in excellent condition yesterday. I especially appreciate the careful packing and the special attention to protecting the clematis and hellebore with tall top growth. Thanks again,

Just a short note to let you know that the peonies have arrived safe and sound. I must admit that they aren't what I expected at all. They were all carefully packed and to my surprise they were already potted! I was sure that I would have received a bunch of loose roots. Was I ever wrong and glad for it! Thank you so much for taking the time to expertly pack the peony babies for safe travel to me.

Roger P. Sequim, WA 
Just want to thank you for your shipment of plants that arrived today in great shape. It is a wonderful surprise to unwrap a gentian with a large flower fully open in a glorious deep blue.  Thanks,

Deb C.
I received my order yesterday in perfect condition.  The plants were healthy, and bigger than I thought they would be for the price.  If you have a catalog, I'd love to receive it. 
You have a new fan.  fan. 

I received my order and your very, very honorable and thoughtful handling of it.
I am extremely pleased.

Murray S.
This is the first time I have done business with you ; I am most certain it will not be the last. Thank you very much,

Jim G.
We received our plants and are very pleased. I wanted to say that I thought the packing job was amazing. Thank you,

Nina L.
The plants arrived yesterday, Thursday, 4.10.08, all in fine condition. No problems: no broken bits, no upheavals from the pots, no peanuts to chase around the yard. Thank you so much.    

Shruti K.Freehold, NJ
Plants received in good condition. I am very pleased with the size and healthy looks of the plants. Thank you.  

Just received my order yesterday and all looked great! Very happy with my plants. Thanks so much.

Linda S. Parkton, NC
Thank you for the timely and carefully sent order.  My order from you came more quickly than my order from neighboring South Carolina!  I appreciate the care that went into packing my sempervivums - not a petal was broken, not a chick was detached from its mama.  They will be a beautiful addition to my rock garden.

Lisa T.
Thanks for the beautiful plants. They arrived in very good health. I am looking forward to seeing them bloom.

Irina K.
I received the plants, and they are beautiful. I am very pleased with the plants, and with the customer service you gave me. Thank you very much. I'll make sure to order from you again.

Thanks so much for my order. All my plants are healthy and they werre very well packed. I received them on the 8th of may. Good timing. As soon as they harden off i will plant. thanks again.

Yasmeen S. - Redmond, WAdmond, WA
I just wanted to thank you so much for the gorgeous Edelweiss. They arrived in excellent condition and look beautiful. I'm sure my mom will love them. I look forward to doing business again with you soon. Best,

Julie M.Hull, MA
Just wanted to let you know that my plants' travel from OR was fabulous I take it - their condition on arrival and unpacking was the Best I can remember for mail order (well, since my last order with you which was also great). I thank you for your love of plants, that matches my own.

Carol M. - Seattle, WA
My shipment of Carex ‘Silk Tassel’ arrived a couple of days ago as scheduled.  The box had been left on my porch on it’s end and I was worried my plants might be damaged.  I was so thrilled to see how carefully everything had been packed.  All the plants were in perfect condition. Thank you so much.

Sally W.
The order arrived Friday afternoon in perfect condition.  My friend and I are both happy with the plants.  They are so lovely and precious...we look forward to seeing them in their spring colors.  I expect we will be ordering again--there are so many unique ones that you carry.  Thank you again for your fine service and one of a kind products.  We are delighted.

Jeff J.
Nice plants, and great packing. Everything arrived in excellent condition - looking forward to ordering from you again in the future! Thanks

Ida N., Louisiana
Thank you very much, The plants arrived today in perfect condition; they will be planted this afternoon with great anticipation for next spring. Thanks again,

Charles K. (KY)
A well packed box of plants arrived today. Just wanted to thank all involved for picking and packing the plants received.  Quality and size of plants are above standards for most mail order nurseries. Communication is excellent and plants were shipped at requested ship date.  Plant pricing is fair as well.  I like the use of the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.  Keep up the good work.  I will order again. 

REGARDS--------- JB
Thank you for your generosity concerning the day lilies! The plants arrived friday, well packed and in good order. They are now in the ground in bucks co. I like your offerings and will order again in the spring. Kindest

Just wanted to say thank you for the remarkably fast service. The plants look great, and I can't wait to see them blooming in the spring. Alice C.

Jerry R.
Received plants today in excellent condition. Very pleased with the quality of the plants. Thanks for taking the time to pack them properly.

Toni P. - Hampshire, IL
I wanted to write to tell you not only did I receive my plants, but I have NEVER received anything packaged so carefully. Thank you so much for taking the time to be so diligent and protect them. That kind of customer service and concern is a real rarity these days. I will be sure to order from you in the future.

Audra S.Cecil, WI
Thank you so much again so much! I just wanted to let you know that I'm thoroughly pleased with my order and I will be back!

Charles H.Waldo, OH
Thank you for passing on the shipping savings to us, and thank you for the care in packing and shipping. Everything arrived in great shape and is now thriving. We're excited to see them in bloom next year. Thank you again for your care.

Ada H.Kannapolis, NC
Hi, Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. The plants look fantastic. It’s a joy to do business and receive such nice plants. It won’t be my last order. Thank you so very much.

Kate H.Urbana, IL
What beautiful order you sent to me. Each plant was in perfect condition and they are now getting used to Illinois conditions. The packing job kept them all looking great. I look forward to ordering from you again and again.

Shannon S. Longview, WA
I got my order and LOVE LOVE LOVE my plants!! I was checking things out and now I’m going to order some more.


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by giving us a call or dropping us an email. Thank you!