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Notes About :Helleborus

Helleborus – Lenten Rose We used to hybridize, grow and offer Hybrid Helleborus (Lenten Rose) but by now they are readily available. What we kept are the Christmas Rose and, when available, ‘Marvelous Marble’. Helleborus niger - CHRISTMAS ROSE: An ancient (or old fashioned?) plant native to Switzerland and surrounding countries, where their flowers are sought-after for Christmas decorations. To find the plant that regularly blooms at Christmas, however, seems to be a challenge and we have been testing for over 10 years. Either way, they are in a class of their own and can last for many years, growing into large, tight clumps. In the wild they grow in deciduous forest (I’ve seen them in chestnut forests in Southern Switzerland) usually on south-facing slopes. This gives us a few pointers for how to grow them in the garden; dappled shade, avoiding direct afternoon sun and well drained soil. They actually prefer a heavy soil and it should be neutral to alkaline.

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4" 6 Feb.-April - 18-24" $12.00  
The leaves of this easy to grow variety are heavily and evenly splashes cream. The new growth in spring is almost all cream, the splashing becoming more pronounced later in the season. Blooms are the typical trusses of cream-green, bowl-shaped flowers. Grows in most well drained soils and likes more sun than lenten rose.

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