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DIERAMA ANGEL'S FISHING ROD, WANDFLOWER. In general, they like full sun in a well drained soil and perform best with ample summer water. They'll thrive in zones 8 and colder in a rich soil like most other plants, but can potentially loose winter hardiness. This at least has been our experience. We suspect a rather lean, rocky soil would be better. As far as taking the cold, we had some in 4" pots surviving 8°F with minimal protection. Either way, we recommend to experiment with lesser expensive Dierama first before you get into the more expensive selections.

Pot Size Zone ? Bloom Season Exposure Height Price Quantity
4" 7 June-Aug. - 5-6 ft. $10.00   Sold Out
Seedlings of a stunning dark violet selection we made a while ago, with sturdy upright stems and large bells. The percentage of seedlings turning out dark violet or close to it varies from year to year but averages around 85%. The rest is usually lavender or even picotee, which by itself is unusual. For well drained soils and does best with some summer water.

Pot Size Zone ? Bloom Season Exposure Height Price Quantity
2 7/8" 7 June-Aug. - 5-6ft. $9.00   Sold Out
To go with the large violet and large white, we subsequently selected a large deep pink to make a trio. So far we don't have enough stock to ship divisions, but the seedlings are turning out quiet nicely, although expect some variation.

Pot Size Zone ? Bloom Season Exposure Height Price Quantity
2 7/8" 7 June-Aug. - 4-5 ft. $25.00   Sold Out
In the years we pursued and grew pretty much any Dierama, we were selecting for a large flowered, pure white form. This one at hand was the most outstanding by far, not 100% pure white but as close as it gets. The flowers are almost as big as the dark violet form. These are all divisions. Very few for 2016.

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