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DIERAMA ANGEL'S FISHING ROD, WANDFLOWER. Their clumps of grass-like leaves can go unnoticed the longest time, even when they are fully budded up. Then one morning; surprise! there are large bells dangling from wiry stems. Plant large varieties at the back of a border or by a pool or stream, dwarf species in a rock garden or the front of a border. They prefer well drained soil in sun. Interestingly enough, in December of 2009, when temps went down to 8ºF two nights in a row we didn't see any difference between all varieties listed. We had them in 1 gallon pots outside with minimal protection. All on the outside row of the block, which were frozen solid, died, sacrificing their live to protect all others inside. Of those, most survived except for the occasional fatalities, which occur every winter anyway.

Pot Size Zone ? Bloom Season Exposure Height Price Quantity
3 1/2" 7 June-Aug. - 5-6 ft. $9.00  
Seedlings of a stunning dark violet selection we made a while ago, with sturdy upright stems and large bells. Last year we had the first seedlings to bloom, most were cherry-red and violet. However, there is the occasional lavender in among them. For well drained soils but does appreciate some summer water.

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