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Welcome to Edelweiss Perennials

We are a very small Mail Order Nursery specializing in choice perennials of which many aren't commonly known, the good old and sometimes almost lost, as well as the new, as long as they are good garden plants and not over commercialized. 100% of all plants we ship are grown here and 99% of which we propagated ourselves. We grow many specialties other than Edelweiss: Alstroemeria, Cyclamen Gentiana and Primula (auricula, mainly) top the list. Our personal favorite and foremost specialty, the Trumpet Gentians (Gentiana acaulis and the like) were often in short supply. After over 10 years constant work, we finally have a sufficient crop available. If you have never tried any or have had little success, we encourage you to try some of our vigorous plants.

'Red Sensation'
 Primula auricula
'Star Wars'
 Cyclamen coum Christmas Tree Gentiana acaulis Hyb. 'Undulatifolia'

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